Neb. Army Natl. Guard Discusses Importance of Relationship with Local Communities

Neb. Army Natl. Guard Discusses Importance of Relationship with Local Communities
Nebraska Army National Guard officers discuss relationship with local community during a visit to Broken Bow on December 19.

BROKEN BOW–Following last week’s story regarding the Nebraska Army National Guard’s visit to Broken Bow, KCNI/KBBN has broken down some more of the topics discussed on December 19 at the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce.

Major General Daryl L. Bohac, the Adjutant General of the Nebraska National Guard along with CSM Scott Hansen, Army State Command; Sergeant Major CW5 Kenneth Henderson, Command Chief Warrant Officer; and MAJ Scott Ingalsbe, State Public Affairs Officer emphasized the importance of strong relationships with local employers.

With less than one percent of the American population wearing a military uniform, Major General Bohac noted how crucial the National Guard reserve forces are when soldiers are raising their hands to serve. He believes part-time soldiers are well trained and equipped with many of them doing more than the statutory minimums.

(L-R) Major General Daryl Bohac, CSM Scott Hansen, and Sergeant Major CW5 Kenneth Henderson of the Nebraska Army National Guard.

The officers spoke to community members last week about being communicative and transparent with employers to better those relationships and discussed health insurance programs available to part-time soldiers, which could also benefit small businesses.

Approximately 95% of Nebraska National Guard funding comes from the federal level and the state budget is primarily used for utilities and maintenance.

Following the 2019 spring flooding, Major General Bohac said a fair amount of the $6 million starting point was spent and the National Guard will be asking the legislature for funding to replenish the account to maintain a base of $5 million.

“You never know what’s going to happen next, you want to have the ability to fund a response. We’ll be going to the legislature–through the governor–asking for some additional funds to replenish the account. We were never in danger of running out of funds. We were well resourced in that regard,” Major General Bohac said regarding the flood response from the Nebraska National Guard.

Camp Ashland experienced significant damage during the flooding and Major General Bohac said around $62 million was spent to do the initial levy patch where the levy breached on the Platte River but there is still work to be done due to sand deposits. Despite the damage, the base did not miss any of its regularly scheduled training courses this past year.

A new partnership with Rwanda was discussed (in which Major General Bohac said both countries must express a mutual interest) regarding the development of relationships with Rwanda’s senior leadership, non-commissioned officers, and medical evacuation aircraft assistance in 2021. Many of these similar coalition forces began after 9/11 and there are approximately 77 different National Guard partnerships at this time.

Regarding a rumor about the Broken Bow Armory, Major General Bohac said there has been an interest in the property but the Army National Guard is not looking to divest the property at this time and is always looking at the best use of taxpayer dollars.

From another local perspective, Major General Bohac encourages schools to welcome National Guard recruiters to help young people pursue their dreams and begin their career paths.

“We’re really blessed in Nebraska I think for the support we receive for the Nebraska National Guard but I am mindful of not taking that for granted. It’s an honor to serve, it’s a privilege,” Major General Bohac said.

About 35 soldiers are assigned to the unit of the 1075th Transportation Company at the Broken Bow Armory according to Staff Sergeant Adren Uhlig and the armory will be hosting an open house on May 2 of 2020.

Below is further information from MAJ Scott Ingalsbe, State Public Affairs Officer of the Nebraska National Guard:

Three senior leaders of the Nebraska National Guard visited Broken Bow to meet with city officials and community leaders.

Nebraska’s Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Daryl Bohac, along with Command Sgt.
Maj. Scott Hansen and Command Chief Warrant Officer Ken Henderson want to
thank the Broken Bow community for their support and provide an update on what
the National Guard has done in 2019 and plans for 2020.

The 1075th Transportation Company, which Is based in North Platte with detachments in McCook, Broken Bow and Sidney,
maintains a high level of readiness thanks to its dedicated Citizen Soldiers
and the support they have from their families, community, and employers.

Bohac returned Sunday from Africa where he and a contingent of 13 Nebraska
National Guard members announced a new State Partnership Program with the
Rwanda Defence Force. Similar to an existing partnership Nebraska has had
with the Czech Republic since 1993, the SPP will provide both militaries
with professional and cultural exchange opportunities and developmental
experiences for their members.

More about the State Partnership announcement can be found here: