NCN Exclusive: Bacon Would ‘Accept’ Trump Campaign Stop

I’ve been in parades, they’re not much fun when you’re in them

- Rep. Don Bacon

Omaha, NE.—Although he doesn’t “always agree with the things President Trump says or the tone” Don Bacon, not knowing the political risks, would “accept” a Trump campaign stop in Omaha.

During a wide-ranging interview (assault weapons ban and November match-ups) with News Channel Nebraska, the first term Republican Congressman also downplayed a 2020 primary fight for the US Senate, acknowledged that although he doesn’t have a permit to carry a concealed weapon he wants one and says he doesn’t think it’s fun to be in parades.

Our interview followed News Channel Nebraska’s exclusive report that Bacon is the target of a House Ethics complaint.

With Vice-President Mike Pence due to campaign for Bacon here in April (Pence is in Nebraska Tuesday for a Gov. Pete Ricketts fund raiser) News Channel Nebraska asked Bacon about the possibility of President Trump coming to town.

Bacon: I’m excited to have (Vice-President Pence) come out. We hope to have Air Force Two landing at Offutt quite a bit for us.

NCN: What about Air Force One. What if President Trump said he wanted to come, would you want him here for you?

Bacon: I would accept it. He’s our President. I’m always honored to have the President come here.

NCN: Have you considered asking him to come?

Bacon: I have not. He’s been asked, not by me, but by the conference, to get involved.

NCN: Given the political divide in the 2nd Congressional District, you’re not concerned the President’s appearance here might swing the balance (against you)?

Bacon: I don’t know. I’ve only run one time. I can’t tell you exactly the impact, but I know what’s right. He’s our President.

NCN: So if the President was to come you would welcome him?

Bacon: Yes.

SENATE 2020:

NCN: Are you thinking about running for the Senate against (Sen. Ben) Sasse in 2020?

Bacon: I’m not interested in primaries against an incumbent. It wouldn’t be something that I would want to do but obviously I have to focus on 2018.


NCN: Do you have a concealed carry permit, do you carry a gun?

Bacon: No but it’s my desire too. I have guns but I haven’t had the time to take the training.

NCN: Do you feel unsafe at times? Is that why you want to carry a gun?

Bacon: A little bit. The environment plus the job we’re in it attracts some fringe elements I would say, but its more for the protection of other people.


Bacon: I oppose it. I wouldn’t recommend it but its not something to get bent out of shape on either. I’ve been in parades, they’re not much fun when you’re in them. I just don’t think it makes sense, it’s a distraction.

NCN: If the military parade is in the president’s budget is that a line in the sand that you draw or would you go along with it?

Bacon: I would be a voice to remove it…. I would make the case to take it out.

NCN: So not a line in the sand but you would make the case to take it out.

Bacon: Yes. Are you going to vote no on a $10 trillion dollar budget because of a $10 million dollar line item. That doesn’t make sense.

Bacon is unopposed in the May 15 primary, while former Congressman Brad Ashford
faces Kara Eastman for the Democratic Party nomination, with the winner facing Bacon in November.

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