Multiple Arnold, Callaway, And Stapleton Students Earn Scholarships At MPCC Inter-High Day

Multiple Arnold, Callaway, And Stapleton Students Earn Scholarships At MPCC Inter-High Day
High school students identify equipment in the Automotive/Diesel Mechanics portion of the Inter-High Day competition Wednesday at North Platte Community College.

More than 500 students from 18 area high schools descended on North Platte Community College Wednesday for the 53rd Inter-High Day scholastic contest.

The students’ knowledge and skills were tested in everything from accounting, health occupations, chemistry and music theory to auto body, welding, electrical technology, and diesel mechanics.

Schools earned points based on how well their students placed in the academic divisions. The top three point-earning schools received a plaque and a $500 scholarship to award to a student of their choice.

Winners in each category received a medal and a $500 scholarship to the college. Additionally, those placing first through third earned certificates for up to three credit hours of summer tuition.

Winners in the applied technology competitions also received industry tools that applied to their particular test areas.

Results were as follows:

Top School Division 1

First – Callaway

Second – Maxwell

Third – Eustis-Farnam


Top School Division 2

First – Stapleton

Second – St. Pat’s

Third – Maywood


Top School Division 3

First – Hershey

Second – Hitchcock County

Third – Southwest


Academic categories:


First – Megan Amos, Stapleton

Second – Cole Kramer, Stapleton

Third – Alex Honeywell, Stapleton



First – Robi Winder, McCook

Second – Teya Carlini, St. Pat’s

Third – Arianna Pierson, McCook


Biological Science

First – Will Krondak, St. Pat’s

Second – Grant Hrupek, Callaway

Third – Louie Doyle, Medicine Valley


Business Communications   

First – Megan Amos, Stapleton

Second – Emmy Oldham, Maywood

Third – Natalie Malcom, Eustis-Farnam



First – Ansley Williams, Eustis-Farnam

Second – Sophia Doyle, Callaway

Third – Joe Brown, Medicine Valley


Dramatic Arts/Theater (11th-12th grades)

First – Isabelle Stallbaumer, Callaway

Second – Jenason Spady, Garden County

Third – Angelica Vazquez, Wallace


Dramatic Arts/Theater (9th-10th grades)

First – Lisselle Lucas, Maxwell

Second – Tuesday Allen, North Platte

Third – Pryce Johnston, Maywood


Health Occupations

First – Lindsey Rippen, Hitchcock County

Second – Nathan Unger, North Platte

Third – Hayley Miles, St. Pat’s


Information Technology

First – Damin Luedke, Paxton

Second – Peter Boyd, Hitchcock County

Third – Cole Barnett, Southwest


Introduction to Business

First – Ashton Guo, St. Pat’s

Second – Sam Schmer, Ord

Third – Logan Fletcher, Hershey



First – Calen Pollard, Ord

Second – Allyson Jay, Paxton

Third – Tyler Abbott, Hershey


Medical Terminology

First – Tad Dimmitt, Stapleton

Second – Kate Stienike, St. Pat’s

Third – Jordan Lech, St. Pat’s


Microsoft Office Suite

First – Lance Wooters, Callaway

Second – Chloe Bassett, Stapleton

Third – Klayton Rinne, Dundy County Stratton



First – Katie Hrnchir, Hitchcock County

Second – Tierinie Viter-Zogg, Hershey

Third – Bailey Hidy, Hitchcock County



First – Blane Lehman, Wallace

Second – Hannah Masin, Ord

Third – Cally Smith, Hitchcock County


Music Theory

First – Cruz Brooks, Hershey

Second – Tierinie Viter-Zogg, Hershey

Third – Britta Deden, Ord


NPCC Facts

First – Chloe Stucky, Maywood

Second – Harley Kuenning, Maxwell

Third – Breanna Francescato, Maxwell


Personal Finance

First – Ainsley Stawder, Wallace

Second – Michalee Brownawell, Hershey

Third – Gracie Seaman, Hershey


Poetry Writing

First – Ariel Gallegos, Southwest

Second – Jeremiah Ingison, Maywood

Third – Rainna Sierks, Ord


Prose Writing           

First – Emmy Oldham, Maywood

Second – Jocelyn McGee, Eustis-Farnam

Third – Mallory Zorn, Garden County



First – Casey Jones, Maxwell

Second – Lillian Wiese, Dundy County Stratton

Third – Dillon Christiansen, Garden County


Applied Technology:

Auto Body

First – Jacob Tobey, Maxwell

Second – Nathan Lytle, Southwest

Third – Tyler Cappa, Maywood


Automotive/Diesel Mechanics

First – Nathan Lytle, Southwest

Second – Jacob Tobey, Maxwell

Third – Koltar Rahn, Hershey


Building Construction

First – Brady High School

Second – Arnold Public School

Third – Hershey High School



First – Issac Weekly, Hershey

Second – Chase Martin, Wallace

Third – Jesson McClintoch, Wallace


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

First – Ethan Nicholson, Stapleton

Second – Nathan Kollinorgen, Hitchcock County

Third – Eric Halsted, Stapleton


Welding Division I

First – Bo Pokorny, Central Valley

Second – Isaac Anderson, North Platte

Third – Zach Stobbe, Central Valley


Welding Division II

First – Wyatt Heessel, Maxwell

Second – Coy Johnson, Stapleton

Third – Kyler Flaming, Wallace