MPCC Broken Bow Campus Expands Shop/Course Offerings

The campus expansion is just another testament of how the people of Broken Bow come together to meet student and community needs.

- Bonnie Kruse, MPCC Director of Institutional Advancement

Mid-Plains Community College will soon be able to increase the amount and types of technical training offered at its Broken Bow Campus. That’s thanks to an expansion project currently underway.

Crews began adding on to the south end of the campus’ technical shop in mid-July. The plan is to create an additional 3,500-square-feet of space that can accommodate not only more MPCC classes, but also trainings for local businesses.

“Up to this point, a lot of the things such as continuing education and certifications that local businesses have been doing have been at their facilities,” said Mike Steele, area vice president of Administrative Services. “Part of the intent of the expansion is to give employers a centralized location where they can take their staff and use provided equipment to conduct their trainings.”

The addition will create a new area for welding and electrical classes. The existing welding booths will be moved into it, and a grinding room will be constructed.

That will free up the original shop space, where welding used to be, for automotive technology, small engine repair or other programs of that nature.

The idea for the project came from Custer Campus, Inc., the same group initially given the task of developing the seven acres that the MPCC Broken Bow Campus sits on.

An expansion project is underway at the Mid-Plains Community College Broken Bow Campus. An addition is being constructed on the south end of the technical shop – paving the way for new course offerings and training opportunities.

“Custer Campus, Inc. approached us regarding the possible expansion of the technical shop because there were dollars remaining in the corporation’s Custer County Foundation account,” said MPCC President Ryan Purdy. “That money was earmarked for the campus, and it was the donors’ wishes that the dollars be used on the physical expansion of the facility.”

The total cost of the project is $292,000. Of that, MPCC committed $135,000, and Custer Campus, Inc. contributed $157,000.

“The campus expansion is just another testament of how the people of Broken Bow come together to meet student and community needs,” said Bonnie Kruse, MPCC director of Institutional Advancement. “We’ve seen it time and again. They see a need, and they figure out the resources to make it happen.”

So far, the project is right on schedule. The cement has been poured, and the steel frame is up. Masonry work is in full swing, and as of Tuesday, so is the roofing. Completion is expected by September.