More Details Revealed in What Led Up to O’Neill ICE Raid

OMAHA – Federal investigators are revealing more details about what led up to last week’s immigration raid in O’Neill and other Nebraska cities.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Homeland Security officials said in federal court Tuesday that investigators found harsh conditions including 70-hour work weeks, no benefits or overtime pay and wages that amounted to lower than minimum wage.

A Homeland Security agent testified Tuesday that the investigation began last April, and determined that Juan Pablo Sanchez Delgado with the overall leader of the scheme, hiring 100 to 150 illegal workers.

The agent said the workers would cash their pay checks at a grocery store that Delgado owned, with fees up to 65 dollars taken from the employees’ checks.

Delgado has offered a guilty plea to the feds if it means his family members can go free. He’s also implicated past and present Holt County attorneys in helping him set up his staffing agency.

Current Holt County Attorney Brent Kelly has denied ever representing Delgado.