Monkeys, Alligators, And More At The 10th Anniversary Of The Big Red Barn On Tuesday!

CUSTER COUNTY— The Big Red Barn has been around since 2009, yet there are a lot of people that have not visited the historic building.

“There are so many people that haven’t had a reason to go out to the big red barn,” said Custer Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Andrew Ambriz. “It is meant to be used and enjoyed by the people who live here”

Now it is time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sandhill’s Journey Scenic Byway Visitors Center (BARN) with an afternoon of events and fun on Tuesday, August 6! The afternoon will kick off with a variety of exotic animals brought to the BARN by the Horn T Zoo. Small alligators, an albino fox, a pair of monkeys, and many other animals will be available to view from 1-3 PM.

Following the zoo, it is time for a pie contest! Everyone is welcome to enter their pie into the contest to see who will be awarded the Sandhill’s Journey Scenic Byway pie champion of 2019. The contest will begin at 3 PM, so if you would like to enter your pie into the contest, please drop your pies off at the Custer County Chief or bring them to the BARN before 3 PM. Following the contest, pie will be available to the public for $1 per slice.

Rules for the contest is the pies must be 1-8” two crust fruit pies, the crust can be pie crust or cracker crust, and the topping can be pie crust or crumb topping (no soft pies).