Monday Night Tornado Warnings, No Reports of Touchdown

Monday Night Tornado Warnings, No Reports of Touchdown
Severe thunderstorm warnings were also issued for many Nebraska counties on Monday night. (Photo: Custer County Emergency Management Facebook page)

MCPHERSON COUNTY–Tornado warnings were issued last night in Logan and McPherson Counties. The National Weather Service (NWS) in North Platte told KCNI/KBBN as of this morning, it had not received any reports of tornado touchdowns or tornado damage.

NWS representative Nathan Jurgensen said he had seen reports of up to baseball-sized hail in some areas and golf ball-sized hail in Stapleton, according to the Stapleton fire department. Other reports of funnel clouds and heavy rains were received, Jurgensen said.

Heavy rains were primarily in east McPherson county and west/northwest of Stapleton in rural Logan County. Jurgensen said it was not determined just how much rain had fallen, but reports indicated that many rural roads were covered and ditches were full of rain water in many areas.