Minor Riding His Bike Is Knocked To The Ground By An SUV

CALLAWAY—On Saturday, October 6 a minor was riding his bike on the street around Callaway when he ran into a backing up vehicle. The minor was riding on the street when he noticed his grandparents had driven by him. The minor quickly turned around, got off the street, and onto a sidewalk where a 2013 Ford Explorer was backing up to drive onto the street. The driver of the Explorer, Brenda Still, told the Custer County Deputy Sheriff that she saw the boy at first in the street and that he was not close to the vehicle.

As she began backing out, the boy had turned around and did not see the vehicle backing up. The car knocked the boy down where he hit his elbow on the pavement. The police log report stated that the boy had no serious injuries or broken bones, however his elbow was x-rayed at Callaway Hospital as a precaution. The bike nor the vehicle sustained any damage.