Minimum Age To Possess Tobacco And Alternative Tobacco Products Will Be 19 Beginning 2020

2020 is nearly here, which means there will be changes in Nebraska laws. One of the more interesting changes is the minimum age to possess tobacco. The minimum age for possessing tobacco and alternative tobacco products will no longer be 18 after the first of the year.

According to, which tracks bills, votes, and other legislative details, the minimum age to smoke cigarettes or cigars, use electronic nicotine delivery systems or alternative nicotine products, or use tobacco in any form, in [Nebraska], shall be 19. If a person is found to have possessed or smoked the aforementioned items, they will be found guilty of a Class V misdemeanor.

Whoever sells, gives, or furnishes, in any way, any tobacco in any form to a person under 19 will be charged with a class III misdemeanor for each offense.

Complete details on that bill and more can be found by searching through the website.