Mayor Returns From D.C. Conference On Rural Infrastructure

NORFOLK – The mayor of Norfolk recently returned from a trip to Washington D.C. to meet with national leaders to discuss the future of small-town America.

The topics discussed during the trip included issues that are important to rural towns like updating highway infrastructure, retaining small businesses and the stress of agriculture markets on Nebraska farmers.

Mayor Josh Moenning says that lacking a connection with Interstate 80 is hampering economic development in the area; an issue that most towns in the northern part of the state deal with.

“I think that one of the most tangible connections we can make out of this visit is to continue to build our regional infrastructure. You know we’re still kid of Isolated up here in Northeast Nebraska as far as not bring on an interstate so we’re working on improving our regional connections.”

One way Moenning thinks he can bring Norfolk into the future is to update technologies like internet coverage and increasing the emphasis on trade for products like corn and soybeans.

“A lot of the focus was on infrastructure. Making infrastructure better across rural America. Better connectivity both in transportation and telecommunications. There was a lot of talk about trade.”

Coming back from the trip, Moenning hopes to use the ideas discussed to grow and improve the town five to ten years into the future.