Marilyn Vrana Named Big Pal of the Year

COLUMBUS – Marilyn Vrana was named Big Pal of the Year at the groups 2018 annual banquet, and Roxanne Mcright bid farewell after 22 years of service.

Big Pals Little Pals annual banquet featured musical performances from Natalie Raimondo and Jessie Nelson, as well as a ventriloquism performance from Eric Martinez. Following the entertainment Big Pals were recognized for their various years of service ranging from 1 to 14 years.

Big Pals Little Pals Executive Director Roxanne McCright also takes the time during the banquet to recognize a Big Pal of the Year, who has to be nominated by their Little Pal.

Vrana was given the award thanks to a touching nomination from her Little Pal Avrianna Gronenthal. Vrana says she was both surprised and honored to receive the award on Tuesday.

“About the first time that we got together, there was a snow storm so we built a big snowman in my yard, and laid down in the snow and made snow angels and that’s been going on 7 years ago. She’s grown up a lot since then, she was really my little pal, and now she’s grown into a beautiful young lady,” says Vrana.

Roxanne McCright also celebrated her last banquet as Executive Director, with Big Pals, Little Pals, and board members alike thanking her for her many years leading the group.