Man Who Fired Shotgun In Broken Bow Sentenced

CUSTER COUNTY— The Broken Bow man who was arrested for firing a shotgun in the air on June 25, has pled no contest to the charges of disturbing the peace. Ryan Frawley, of Broken Bow, appeared in county court on Monday, August 27 for charges relating to an altercation in which Frawley fired a shotgun into the air in Broken Bow.

According to the affidavit, on June 25, Frawley was involved in an altercation with several individuals and at some point during the altercation, Frawley brandished a 20 gauge shotgun and fired it into the air.

Frawley appeared with his attorney, Kyle Petersen, and under a plea agreement with the county attorney, Steven Bowers, agreed that with the plea of no contest or guilty, would serve two weekends in jail. Judge Tami Schendt agreed with the plea agreement and with no objections from either attorney, sentenced Frawley to 96 hours in the county jail. The 96 hours would be split between two weekends, allowing Frawley to continue working, while also serving his jail time.

Nicole Williams, 31 of Berwyn, appeared in court for sentencing on a child abuse charge in which she was found guilty of earlier this year. In a plea agreement with the state, Williams was sentenced by Judge Schendt to nine months of probation, while also being compelled to complete Jim Jones impact classes, as well as any other requirements put forward by the probation office.

Melissa Nienaber, 26 of Broken Bow, made her first appearance in county court on charges of theft (class II misdemeanor) and terroristic threats (class IIIA felony). If found guilty, Nienaber could face three and a half years of jail time with other penalties imposed as well.

The alleged complaint states that on August 21, Nienaber exercised control over movable property of Nebraska State Bank, valued at less than $500. The other alleged complaint states that, Nienaber threatened to commit a crime of violence with the intent to terrorize at a Casey’s General Store.

According to the affidavit read by attorney, Steve Bowers, Nienaber allegedly entered Casey’s General Store and threatened employees with a Taser about her being fired from her job earlier this year. Nienaber did ask for a reduction in her bonds which were previously set at 10% of $5,000 for the misdemeanor and 10% of $15,000 for the felony. Attorney Steve Bowers stated that he had no problem having the 10% of $15,000 cover both bonds, but he also listed Nienaber’s extensive criminal history which did include a failure to appear charge. Judge Schendt did decrease the bond to 10% of $10,000 for both charges and also assigned public attorney Michael Borders. Nienaber is set to appear back in court on September 10, at 9:00 A.M.

Acacia Lash, 31 of Broken Bow, along with her attorney Gary Peterson, filed for a 60 day continuance which was granted by Judge Schendt. Lash’s case will be continued to October 29, at 2 P.M.

Tyler Sleicher, filed a written continuance which was granted and the case will be continued to Thursday, August 30 at 10 A.M.

Andrew Adams, 51 of Broken Bow, was set to appear on an alleged complaint of distribution/possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance methamphetamine (class II felony). Adams waived his right for a preliminary hearing in a letter to the court and his case was bound over to District Court.