Man Accused of Stealing Thousands from Osceola Church Given Jail-time

OSCEOLA, Neb. – A man accused of stealing thousands of dollars and an iPad from an Osceola church was given a jail sentence for his crimes.

21-year-old Wesley Trueax of Geneva was sentenced to 230 days in jail on theft related charges.

Records say in November of 2016, Trueax came to St. Paul Lutheran Church seeking a ride to Columbus. Authorities believe that he took an envelope of church offerings, valued between $3,000-4,000 and iPad, while inside the church.

Authorities later recovered the envelope with thousands of dollars of checks inside at an Osceola residence. The woman inside told police that Trueax had recently been there.

He pleaded no contest to two charges in court last week.

Trueax will be credited with 90 days served and will also have to pay $500 in restitution.

An additional theft charge regarding a stolen camera from another Osceola church was dropped earlier in the case.