Man Accused of Spending Over $1,100 with Stolen Debit/Credit Cards

COLUMBUS, Neb. – A man is accused in Columbus of stealing financial information from five separate people and illegally spending over $1,100.

37-year-old Rayde Olivera is charged with felony criminal possession of financial devices and misdemeanor unauthorized use of a financial device.

Records say Olivera spent over $740 at a Columbus store in July using stolen credit/debit information from three people. He spent an additional $439.31 at the same location in October using the information of two more people.

Documents say he managed to re-code the victim’s information on to a new card, therefore the victims were in possession of their cards while the illegal transactions were taking place.

Police say they identified Olivera using a criminal informant, with help from the Grand Island Police Department. Surveilance video backed up the informant’s information, according to records.

Olivera will next be in court on March 12th.