Major Move in Omaha House Race. Key Dems Pull Eastman Ads

Omaha, NE.—The Omaha House race is taking a major turn, a turn away from Democrat Kara Eastman and it comes in the form of friendly fire.

News Channel Nebraska has confirmed that a Democratic Party super-PAC, House Majority PAC, has decided not to run TV ads supporting Eastman’s bid to take out Republican Congressman Don Bacon. This latest news follows NCN’s exclusive report which noted the powerful PAC’s slow walk for Eastman.

NCN’s examination of public files and a TV sales source confirm a Roll Call report which says “Democratic leadership has pulled its advertising funding” from Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

Most political insiders view the move as a clear-cut indication that DC Democrats believe Eastman can’t win.

According to two recent polls Bacon has leads ranging from four to nine points. A pro-Eastman poll has her down 49-45, while a pro-Bacon polls finds him ahead 49-40.

It appears the Democratic PAC money that was set aside for Eastman is now going to back Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne in her battle against Republican Congressman David Young.

The Eastman campaign was not immediately available for comment.

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