Loup Looking to Place new Service Center off Lost Creek Parkway

COLUMBUS – As the process to put in the 12th Avenue viaduct moves forward, so does Loup Power’s plan to build a new service center south of Lost Creek Parkway.

Loup Power is currently working with the City of Columbus to sell their 12th Avenue property, through a multi-phase process. The power district would still maintain a piece of the property, and says they will look at marketing options to resell the land to a new, yet to be determined party.

Loup says in their board meeting notes, that with the sale of the 12th Avenue property, they are looking to purchase 104 acres of land south of Lost Creek Parkway, and northeast of the Columbus  Municipal Airport runway. The land would be used to build their new service center, says the board notes.

Loup says they will not need to use the entire 104 acres of land, but says some businesses have shown interest in using the land they don’t occupy.

Studies still have to be done before the purchase and and sale can be completed, says the board notes.