Locals Reveal How They Would Spend Lottery Winnings

On the day of what could be the largest jackpot prize in U.S. history, local residents purchase tickets at gas stations and convenience stores for a shot at winning the estimated $1.6 billion payout for tonight’s Mega Millions lottery drawing.

Hy-vee clerk Jose Leon says just this morning they have surpassed 700 dollars in lottery ticket sales.

“The last mega millions drawing we sold $2,800 in sales for that overall day,” Leon said.  “So I’m hoping that the start of today is a sign that we can beat that – it’s just kind of a personal goal for me.”

Leon says there is a pattern to the public’s lottery ticket purchases.

“It’s kind of like when people do last minute shopping for holidays,” Leon said.  “They come in that last hour or two of the night that they can buy tickets.”

The drawing is Tuesday at 10 p.m.