Local Published Author, Haylee Stryker, To Have Book Signings In Callaway And Arnold

Perseverance paid off in a big way for Callaway native Haylee Stryker who has recently published her first book. The book, Cale the Corgi Learns Common Sense, started out as a senior English project and soon blossomed into Haylee’s first book.

Initially, Haylee was unable to find a publisher that was willing to publish the book, but after research she found Christian Faith Publishing. After submitting a manuscript of the book, it was selected to be published.

Cale the Corgi Learns Common Sense is a book about Cale and her friends as they play games with their favorite being ‘Dare’. According to the description of the book, this is a game they all enjoy, but one memory they have is not as fun, but is an experience that teaches a lesson to Cale and her friends.

“I’ve enjoyed writing since I was about 14 and have always wanted to make that my career path and hopefully be successful enough in it to make a living,” said Haylee.

If anyone is interested in meeting Haylee or purchasing the book, there will be a book signing at Brew Bakers in Arnold on November 23 from 9:30 AM to noon and a second book signing will be held at Third Season Boutique on December 4 from 5 to 7 PM.

The book is also available at Barns and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and Walmart.