Local Bull Fighter Takes Second In Bullfighters Only Championship During The Custer County Fair

Local Bull Fighter Takes Second In Bullfighters Only Championship During The Custer County Fair
Zach Call dodging his way to a score of 81 in the second round

Bullfighters Only did not disappoint on Tuesday, July 31 with a show for all ages. Twelve bullfighters from across the United States competed for a chance at winning prize money in a four round bracket. The twelve fighters were broken up into four groups with the high score of each group advancing to the championship round.

Dekevis Jordan advanced to the championship, even after getting hit in the leg by the bull he was fighting, earning a round one win with 73 points. Mullen, Nebraska native Zach Call advanced to the championship round after recovering from being pinned down by his bull. Call was able to escape from the trampling, stood back up, threw dirt at the bull, continued fighting, and advanced with a score of 81.

Round three had some of the strongest fights of the preliminary rounds featuring three-time world champion bullfighter Weston Rutkowski. Rutkowski had a great fight, but did not advance as Tanner Scott and Dylan Idleman tied with round high scores of 84. Idleman advanced to the championship through the fighter score tiebreaker. In round four, Dayton Spiel advanced to the championship round after putting up a score of 80.

In the championship round, Dekevis Jordan kicked off the scoring by putting up the highest score of the evening of 86.5, capped off by front flipping over the entire length of the bull. Jordan landed on his haunches which gave the bull enough time to turn around, pick up Jordan, and throw him up in the air approximately eight to ten feet. Jordan was able to scramble away and, while most likely sore, was not visibly seriously injured.

Zach Call was the second man up in the championship round and put together a great score of 83.5, but did not receive much help from his bull who would not stay ‘engaged’ with Call. He would eventually claim second place.

The third fighter of the final round was Dylan Idleman who also put together a fantastic fight, but fell short of the high score with an 83. He would take third place.

The end of the night did not finish as hoped as the final fighter Dayton Spiel received a no score after being injured only seconds into the fight. Knowing he would need a great round, Spiel began the fight on his knees, attempting to dodge the bull at the last second. Spiel was unable to get out of the way quick enough and the bull hit Spiel, injuring the fighter. Other fighters were able to distract the bull allowing Spiel to escape and be treated by onsite medical staff.

FULL BFO Broken Bow Championship Round

The entire Hooey Championship Round from Bullfighters Only in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Featuring Dekevis Jordan, Zach Call, Dylan Idleman and Dayton Spiel.FULL EVENT: https://bullfightersonly.vhx.tv/bfo-broken-bowHooey – Cavender's – Wrangler – Pendleton Whisky – Flexfit – W-W Livestock

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