Lexington Man Will Be Released Following Plea Deal

CUSTER COUNTY— Only three criminal cases were on the docket in District Court on Thursday, October 4. Tyler Sleicher who had his three cases continued from last week had the same result this week as a written continuance was submitted to the court. The state, represented by Deputy County Attorney Kayla Clark, had no objections and the case was continued until Thursday, October 11. Sleicher will be facing charges of allegedly possessing with intending to distribute marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and THC, an alleged charge of terroristic threats, as well as multiple misdemeanor charges.

Andrew Adams, 51 of Broken Bow, appeared with his attorney Kyle Petersen for arraignment. Adams is being charged with allegedly possessing with the intent to distribute methamphetamine, a class II felony, which occurred on July 4. Adams pled not guilty to the charge and Judge Karin Noakes set the case for jury trial to occur on February 11, 2019.

The final criminal case saw Juan Mano-Gonzalez, 52 of Lexington, be set free after a plea deal was reached with the state. Gonzalez had initially been charged with possession of a controlled substance, a class IV felony, but after a plea deal, the charge was reduced to criminal attempt, a class I misdemeanor.

The plea deal by the state read that if Gonzalez pled guilty or no contest to criminal attempt, the defendant would be released credited time served. Gonzalez, alongside his attorney Jesus Tena and a court certified translator did plead guilty to the criminal attempt charge. Judge Noakes followed the plea agreement and sentenced Gonzalez to 99 days in jail credited the 99 days already served.