LENRD Moves Forward On Battle Creek Dam Consideration

NORFOLK – Board members with the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District voted to take the next steps in considering placing a dam near Battle Creek for flood protection.

In a meeting Thursday evening, JEO Consulting Group presented their updated plans for flood protection which includes two different options for dams near the city.

The public voiced their concerns with the plan citing land and property loss, lack of transparency in the process and property tax revenue loss that a proposed lake would cause in the area.

Michael Fleer is the City Administrator for Battle Creek and says any decision they take will effect someone in the area.

“Someone will be effected one way or another. Whether it is the farmers upstream where the dam is proposed to be constructed. Whether it be the city of Battle Creek if nothing is done.” Fleer says.

The actions taken Thursday night would allow the NRD to file a letter of intent to FEMA and to explore options for possible funding sources for a dam of yet to be determined size and scope.

The two options still on the table are a 160-acre pool for about $17 million and a 1,200-acre pool for a cost of about $36 million.