LBPHD COVID-19 Update: 87 New Cases, 432 Active Cases

LBPHD: Eighty-seven new COVID-19 cases have been reported in the nine counties of Loup Basin’s district since Friday.

The cases were reported from:
Custer (32), Valley (14), Howard (14), Sherman (10), Greeley (9), Garfield (5), Blaine (2), and Loup (1).

All known close contacts have been asked to quarantine.

Twenty-eight additional recoveries have also been reported.

Individuals Tested to Date: 6,450
Negative Labs to Date: 14,241
Cases in the Previous 14 Days: 480 (41% of total cases)

To clarify the above numbers, the first number (individuals tested to date) is the number of individual people who have been tested thus far. The second number (negative labs to date), is the number of negative tests to date. There are several individuals who have been tested multiple times (i.e. long-term care staff who can be tested 2 times a week per CMS guidelines) and every negative test is included in the number on the second line of data.

District Totals: Positives 1,170Recovered 720Deaths 18

Blaine: 14/6/0
Custer: 402/255/8
Garfield: 81/48/0
Greeley: 98/53/0
Howard: 299/179/6
Loup: 15/10/0
Sherman: 107/64/3
Valley: 144/99/1
Wheeler: 10/6/0