LBPHD COVID-19 Update: 53 New Cases, 471 Active Cases, 4 Additional Deaths In District

LBPHD: Fifty-three new COVID-19 cases have been reported in the nine counties of Loup Basin’s district since Monday. The cases were reported from:

Custer (18), Howard (18), Valley (7), Greeley (6), and Garfield (4).

All known close contacts have been asked to quarantine.

Seventy-eight additional recoveries have also been reported.

Loup Basin is saddened to report four additional COVID-19 related deaths in the district. The individuals were residents of Garfield (2), Sherman (1), and Custer (1) counties.

Individuals Tested to Date: 6,986
Negative Labs to Date: 15,114*
Cases in the Previous 14 Days: 478 (33% of total cases)
Cases in the Previous 7 Days: 201 (14% of total cases)

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, there will not be a case count update on Friday, November 27th. The next case count update will be posted on Monday, November 30, 2020.

*Due to lab duplication this number is lower than reported on Monday. LBPHD data is provided through DHHS resources and reported to the public as known by LBPHD.

District Totals: Positives 1,451Recovered 956Deaths 24

Blaine: 16/12/0
Custer: 496/317/11
Garfield: 105/69/2
Greeley: 129/81/0
Howard: 370/240/6
Loup: 19/10/0
Sherman: 123/83/4
Valley: 180/133/1
Wheeler: 13/11/0