LBPHD COVID-19 Update: 46 New Cases, 30 Recoveries, Additional Death In Howard

LBPHD: Forty-six new COVID-19 cases have been reported in the nine counties of Loup Basin’s district since Wednesday.

The cases were reported from:
Greeley (16), Howard (12), Custer (10), Garfield (3), Valley (2), Sherman (2), and Wheeler (1)

All known close contacts have been asked to quarantine.

Thirty additional recoveries have also been reported.

Loup Basin is saddened to report one additional COVID-19 related death in the district. The individual was a resident of Howard County.

Individuals Tested to Date: 7,622
Negative Labs to Date: 18,083
Cases in the Previous 14 Days: NA due to no report on 11/27
Cases in the Previous 7 Days: 140

District Totals: Positives 1,749Recovered 1,249 Deaths 34

Blaine: 16/13/0
Custer: 599/427/14
Garfield: 122/87/5
Greeley: 172/108/0
Howard: 428/303/8
Loup: 25/16/0
Sherman: 143/102/4
Valley: 220/178/3
Wheeler: 24/15/0