LBPHD COVID-19 Update: 39 New Cases, 45 Recoveries, Additional Death In Howard; Vaccine Next Steps

LBPHD: Thirty-nine new COVID-19 cases have been reported in the nine counties of Loup Basin’s district since Friday.

The cases were reported from:
Custer (21), Garfield (5), Howard (4), Valley (4), Greeley (3), Sherman (1), and Wheeler (1).

All known close contacts have been asked to quarantine.

Forty-five additional recoveries have also been reported.

Loup Basin is saddened to report one additional COVID-19 related death in the district. The individual was a resident of Howard County.

Individuals Tested to Date: 7,715
Negative Labs to Date: 18,405
Cases in the Previous 14 Days: 247
Cases in the Previous 7 Days: 123

District Totals: Positives 1,788Recovered 1,294 Deaths 35

Blaine: 16/13/0
Custer: 620/442/14
Garfield: 127/92/5
Greeley: 175/110/0
Howard: 432/310/9
Loup: 25/18/0
Sherman: 144/106/4
Valley: 224/188/3
Wheeler: 25/15/0

LBPHD Press Release: At the end of last week, the FDA gave Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the Pfizer vaccine that was developed for COVID-19. This week, Nebraska will be receiving doses of the vaccine to begin distribution and vaccination of front-line healthcare workers.

The 2nd vaccine, from Moderna, is slated to be reviewed by the FDA later this week. If approved, this vaccine which is easier to store will be pushed to more of the rural areas in Nebraska.

As vaccine arrives in the state, Loup Basin Public Health Department will be working closely with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to identify priority populations to begin vaccinating. At this time, if you are interested in receiving the vaccine it is not necessary for you to call our office to be placed on a waiting list. As the vaccine is received and LBPHD works through priority populations, notifications of clinics will be posted via print and social media.