KRVN: Building And Feed Truck Destroyed In Oconto Feedyard Fire

KRVN: Building And Feed Truck Destroyed In Oconto Feedyard Fire
RRN/Dave Schroeder

Firefighters from several communities responded to a fire Wednesday morning at Custer County Feeders, located about a mile south of Oconto. Oconto Fire Chief Cliff Badgley says the call came in around 7:23am for a feed truck on fire.

He says Custer County Emergency Manager Mark Rempe was among first responders on the scene and immediately summoned area fire departments for mutual aid. Because of the remoteness of the feedyard, Badgley says Broken Bow, Callaway, Eddyville and Lexington assisted with water supply at the scene.

Rempe remarked that “it is amazing the amount of help we can get” but, quickly added that “that’s how life is in these rural towns. If you need help, you call…they come”.

Badgley estimated the pole building to be about 40′ x 60′ feet in size with two bays. The fire is believed to have started in a feed truck parked in the north bay. The Nebraska State Fire Marshall Agency was summoned to help narrow a cause as to how the feed truck caught fire.

Badgley said “we did have some flammable materials in there such as engine oils and propane tanks” that had them take a little more caution with their approach, “you just can’t go chargin’ in on something like that”.