KCNI/KBBN Announces Partnership with Broken Bow Sports Network

KCNI/KBBN radio is excited to announce a new video streaming partnership with the Broken Bow Sports Network.

Broken Bow Sports Network (BBSN) is a student ran video streaming team that makes Broken Bow home sporting events and activities accessible online for fans who can’t attend in person. Students who are a part of the BBSN team gain experience in several areas including video production, camera work, announcing, graphic design, and more.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for students who are passionate about video production” said Jeremy Shipe of KCNI/KBBN. “We’re excited to bring them along with us on some travel streams so they can gain even more experience.”

KCNI/KBBN dove headfirst into video streaming during the 2020 football and volleyball season, pairing the audio of radio broadcasts with a high quality video picture.

BBSN students started working with KCNI/KBBN during the winter sports season and will be in charge of camera and production work on several upcoming broadcasts this season and beyond.

“We’re excited to have their help when we go on the road! In today’s world, résumé building is important. Now, they can put ‘paid video production’ on there”, said Shipe.

You can view the camera and production work of the BBSN students on many upcoming KCNI/KBBN video broadcasts yet this season. Watch on YouTube here, Facebook here, or Twitter here.

Below are some examples of past sports video streams: