July 5 District Court

CUSTER COUNTY—Two criminal cases were heard in District Court on Thursday morning. Richard E. Brass Jr., 24, appeared for three separate cases. Brass Jr. appeared with his attorney Chris Wickham to admit or deny allegations of violating conditions of problem solving court. Brass Jr. admitted to violating conditions and Judge Karin Noakes sustained the motion to terminate him from problem solving court and ordered an updated presentence investigation. Sentencing was scheduled for August 23.

The Omaha man also appeared for arraignment. According to the court, Brass Jr. allegedly possessed a controlled substance with the intent to distribute on April 30. He pled no contest to the class IIIA felony and was found guilty by Judge Noakes. Sentencing was scheduled for August 23.

Sam G. Payton, 39, of Callaway did not appear in court but Judge Noakes sustained a motion to amend his sentencing order.