It’s Stothert v Lathrop Again, Sort of…

It’s Stothert v Lathrop Again, Sort of…
Merv Riepe and Steve Lathrop

Omaha, NE.—Just days after a political Kumbaya with Lincoln Democrat Chris Beutler, Omaha’s Republican Mayor Jean Stothert is back in the heat of partisan politics.

She’s front and center in a TV ad for fellow Republican Merv Riepe who is in an expensive and highly charged fight-to-the-finish to keep his post in the Nebraska Legislature.

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Riepe and Democrat Steve Lathrop are poised to spend some $200,000 each for the District 12 seat which covers Ralston and parts of southwest Omaha—the same district Lathrop represented from 2006-2014, when he was term-limited out of office.

By the way when Lathrop was first elected in 2006 he defeated…wait for it…Jean Stothert. It was one of the closest legislative races in recent memory, with Lathrop edging Stothert by 14 votes.

Now 12 years later Stothert, who went on to win races for the Omaha City Council and two mayoral fights, talks up Riepe with no mention of Lathrop.

A Lathrop attack ad is left to the little known Washington D.C. based Republican State Leadership Committee, as News Channel Nebraska first reported.

“Steve Lathrop is just another out of touch liberal and that’s the last thing Ralston and Millard families need,” says the RSLC’s 30-second commercial which is running night and day on an ad-buy totaling at least $17,000, according to public records examined by News Channel Nebraska.

Lathrop, who is trying to win back his old job after term limits pushed him out in 2014,  tells NCN, “I don’t know why they are coming into Nebraska…it’s a further erosion of our non-partisan legislature.”

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