Injuries Reported At Two Different Accidents That Took Place Within 30 Minutes Of Each Other

Injuries Reported At Two Different Accidents That Took Place Within 30 Minutes Of Each Other
Top picture: 1999 Ford Ranger from Mason City Accident; Bottom picture: Two Chevy's from Merna Accident; Photo: Custer County Sheriff's Office

CUSTER COUNTY—It was an accident filled evening on Sunday, July 14 after two different accidents took place only 30 minutes apart in different parts of Custer County.

The first accident took place around 6:50 PM on Road 787 northwest of Mason City just off Nebraska Highway 2. According to the accident report, a juvenile with the initials DL was driving east on Road 787 when the pickup they were driving, a red 1999 Ford Ranger, entered the eastbound ditch and stuck a tree.

DL told Custer County Deputy Barrett Gibbons that he was driving 40 MPH when he lost control of the vehicle as it slid off the road. The driver told the deputy that there were two other passengers in the vehicle as well. DL and the unspecified passenger in the pickup were wearing seat belts, but the third occupant, with the initials EE who was seated in the back of the pickup, was not.

The driver told the officer that the rear passenger was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital/CHI Health Center in Kearney by his parents for minor injuries related to his braces cutting the inside of his mouth. Deputy Gibbons listed the vehicle as totaled.

Less than 30 minutes after the first accident took place, a second accident was reported in Merna. According to the accident report, Jesse Toof was driving west on South Brotherton Street in his blue 2008 Chevy Silverado, with Brittany Province in the passenger seat. At the same time, Trenton Kirchmann was traveling north on South Andrews Street in his gray 2011 Chevy Silverado, with Kelsey Thompson riding in the passenger seat.

The report states that neither driver could see the other due to the vehicles parked in the street. The blue Silverado made impact with the passenger side of the gray Silverado, totaling both vehicles. The impact spun the gray Silverado around and off the road and when it came to rest, it was facing southeast. The passenger of gray Silverado, Kelsey Thompson, was transported to the hospital by a private vehicle.

According to scanner traffic at the time of the accident, the passenger of the blue Silverado, Brittany Province, was 34 weeks pregnant and was taken by a Merna Ambulance to Jennie M. Melham Memorial Medical Center with injuries to her knees and lower abdomen.

All occupants were wearing their seat belts and both vehicles were listed as totaled. Hunter’s Towing and Repair and Myers Construction towed both vehicles from the scene.