In The Loup: Watershed/Flood Prevention Plans Developed

Work on the development of Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations (WFPO) Plans continues in two watersheds – the Mud Creek Watershed in central Custer County and the Mira Creek Watershed in southeastern Valley County. The watershed residents, the Lower Loup NRD, NRCS, and other agencies are part of the process to create the two plans.

In Mud Creek, the plan includes implementing flooding prevention projects to protect the communities of Merna, Broken Bow, Berwyn, Ansley, Mason City, and Litchfield. The area encompassed in the watershed totals 474,080 acres.

In the Mira Creek Watershed, only the community of North Loup is impacted by the development of the plan, but the community has historically struggled with major flooding events.

Both plans have a goal of increasing flood prevention and providing overall watershed protection, specifically targeting communities that would gain the most benefit while also implementing conservation practices identified in the plan. If the plan is accepted, both the conservation practices and future projects would be eligible for federal funding through the NRCS.

One of the primary requirements of the plan is to have guided input through local stakeholders, public agencies, landowners, the communities impacted, and any other interested parties. Successful development and implementation of the projects associated with the plan depend on an active group of stakeholders.

For both the Mira Creek and Mud Creek WFPOs, the LLNRD has contracted JEO Consulting of Lincoln to develop the plans. The development will follow NRCS guidelines and take approximately two years to complete.