In The Loup: System Changes Can Cause Illegal Irrigation

The Lower Loup NRD reminds irrigators in the District that any changes to an irrigation system can result in an expansion of irrigated acres and can result in a cease and desist letter.

The equipment changes that should be considered include new pivot systems or replacement pivots, new endguns or border pumps, and new corner or swing arm systems. Conversion from gravity to pivot irrigation can also change the number of irrigated acres.

LLNRD Assistant General manager Tylr Naprstek said that changes to the irrigation systems of grass or alfalfa should be considered, not just field crops like corn and soybeans.

Naprstek said a field boundary revision or change of ownership will require recertification through the NRD and potentially the county assessor. He said that these modifications involve not just groundwater irrigation, but surface water too.

The entire NRD is flown annually and infrared photography is taken. That photography indicates which fields are irrigated and which are non irrigated. Failure to take irrigation modifications into account could constitute a violation of District rules and regulations and require offset of future irrigation.

For more information, contact the LLNRD at (308) 728-3221.