In The Loup: South Loup Water Quality Program Underway

The Lower Loup NRD (LLNRD) is implementing a new water quality program to improve water quality in the high-priority areas of the South Loup river Watershed.

Pollutant loads in the watershed will be reduced through best management practices. They include buffer strips, prescribed grazing management (including riparian fencing and alternative water sources), and irrigation water management (including soil moisture sensors and variable rate irrigation).

LLNRD Rangeland Management Specialist Dan Ruterbories said that cost-Share will be available for the planting of buffer strips. Rental rates will follow Nebraska Buffer Strip Program guidelines.

Riparian fencing for sections of the South Loup River or its tributaries will help limit livestock access to the river. Irrigation water management cost-share will assist with implementing soil moisture sensors and variable rate irrigation.

Soil moisture sensors cost-share will be limited to two per field and a one-time payment. Variable rate irrigation cost-share is a flat rate of $1.37 per linear foot. For more information on the cost-share, contact Ruterbories at (308) 728-3221.