In The Loup: Sargent Flood Issues To Be Addressed

In The Loup: Sargent Flood Issues To Be Addressed
Lower Loup Natural Resource District LLNRD

LLNRDĀ  Summer 2020 Volume 12, Issue 3: A potential interlocal agreement between the City of Sargent and the Lower Loup Natural Resouces District (LLNRD) would move the project forward to address the flooding issues in the community.

The agreement would divide the cost of a consultant to seek grants for the project at 75% LLNRD and 25% City. Flooding is an on-going problem in the community. The NRD hired Olsson as a project consultant.

Several options were developed as potential solutions and input on those solutions was received from the public.

Among those options was transitioning some surface water irrigated fields to groundwater. Since groundwater levels in the Sargent area are high, using groundwater to irrigate will draw those levels down. Surface water irrigation could add to the levels.

Other options include a potential diversion channel around the city and drainage improvements in the city limits.

A number of funding opportunities will be investigated for the project, according to LLNRD General Manager Russell Callan. He said that the cooperative effort between the community and the NRD will provide for stong applications. He said that every potential funding source for the flooding project will be investigated.