In The Loup: LLNRD Grants New Irrigated Acres In Three Basins

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District Board of Directors has approved applications for 2,950.96 new irrigated acres across three sub-basins. At their October meeting, the Board agreed to approve applications which scored up to, but did not exceed, the maximum acres for each sub-basin.

Those limits were 1,500 acres in the North Loup Basin, 750 acres in the Middle Loup Basin, and 750 acres in the Beaver Creek/Plum Creek/Loup River Basin.

Additional acres could be granted in an area of groundwater increase in Valley, Garfield, and Loup Counties. The LLNRD’s Variance Committee will consider the possibility and make a recommendation on a variance to the District’s rules to the Board.

Letters have been mailed to all applicants notifying them of their outcomes. Certification forms have been sent with all approval letters. The deadline for certification of the new irrigated acres is July 1, 2022.