“I build consensus.”-Democratic Nominee Bob Krist

“I build consensus.”-Democratic Nominee Bob Krist
Bob Krist and Lynne Walz

BROKEN BOW—“I build consensus,” is the theme from Democratic Nominee Bob Krist. Krist and nominee for Lt. Governor Lynne Walz held an event at Kinkaiders Brewery in Broken Bow on Monday September 10. Krist and Walz talked for over an hour about numerous issues with the main topic being property taxes.

Regardless of the side you are on politically, property taxes are something that everyone can agree are too high. Krist talked specifically about how Custer County had been directly affected by high property taxes as well as a decrease in education in state aid from K-12.

According to the handout from Krist and Walz, property taxes have increased by 136.49% in agriculture, 20.60% in residential, and a little over 83% in commercial while household income has only increased by 16.55%. Krist says this is directly correlated to the inadequate levels of funding to the school level which has seen a 96.09% decrease in total state aid education.

Krist Says that For Broken Bow Public School a return to 20% would result in an increase in state funding for the district by as much as $697,068. Krist says this revenue would directly reduce pressure on local property taxpayers

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