Humphrey Woman Blows 0.347 in 4th DUI Arrest

HUMPHREY, Neb. – A Humphrey woman is accused of two aggravated DUI’s in a span of nearly two months.

31-year-old Jordan Huettner is charged with two felony DUI’s in Colfax County and police say she blew over three times the legal limit in both cases.

Police say the most recent occurrence came in late December, when Huettner was found sleeping in a parked vehicle at a Colfax County residence with beer cans on the floor and in the center console.

Records say, after waking Huettner up and taking her to the sheriff’s office, she blew a .347, over four times the legal limit. She blew a .288 almost an hour later, which is well over three times the legal limit, according to police.

Records say Huettner blew a .281 in a separate incident in October. Court documents say Huettner has two previous DUI convictions in Douglas County.

She has pleaded not guilty to both charges and will next appear in court on March 7th.