Home Rehabilitation Funds Available To Eligible Homeowners

Home Rehabilitation Funds Available To Eligible Homeowners
Central Nebraska Economic Development District (CNEDD)

Are you tired of letting your energy prices leak through your doors and windows? Does your home need some TLC through repairs and improvements? Need to improve access to areas of your home? If so, the Central Nebraska Economic Development District (CNEDD) may be able to help.

Low- to no-interest loans are still available to income-eligible households for rehabilitation activities, including, but not limited to: weatherization, roof and foundation repairs, plumbing, electrical, painting/siding, and accessibility. Interested homeowners are encouraged to call Judy Petersen, Executive Director for Central Nebraska Housing and Economic Developers at 402-340-0106, OR Kelli Mosel at Community Development Services at 402-582-3500 to have an application mailed to you.

Household income limits apply. Equal Housing Opportunity. Take advantage of these low- to no-interest loan programs while funds are still available

These loan funds would be to serve residents located in the municipal boundaries of each of the communities in Custer County. Eligible home repair and improvement funds can be used for a number of needs, including but not limited to:

  • Repair or Replacement of Windows, Doors and Siding;
  • Roof repair or replacement;
  • Water Heater, Furnace / AC;
  • Insulation and Storm Windows;
  • Repair of Walls, Ceilings and Floors;
  • Accessibility changes for Persons with Disabilities; and
  • Health and Safety related items, including reducing or eliminating Lead-Based Paint Hazards.

The primary Eligibility Requirements for the Program are as follows:

  • Home must be an owner-occupied single family home;
  • Home must be inside the municipal boundaries of the community located in Custer County;
  • Household income cannot exceed the State’s Income Limits (see below)
  • Property Taxes on home must be current;
  • Homeowner must carry current dwelling insurance; and
  • After the rehabilitation has been completed, the home must meet the minimum health and safety standards set by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Loan Repayment – All households will be eligible to receive a forgivable loan for 100% of the total loan, which will be forgiven over a 5-year affordability period. No rental properties or mobile homes are eligible for the program. The maximum funds available for any one home cannot exceed $25,000, but the actual amount allowed is based on the needs of the property. A Deed of Trust will be filed at the courthouse, placing a lien against the property for the rehabilitation loan. All properties must remain owner-occupied.

If you believe you meet the primary eligibility requirements for this program and are interested in obtaining an application, please request an application from the Program Administrator, listed below. Names of Program applicants and participants are kept confidential.

1 person* 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person  




$40,150 $45,850 $51,600 $57,300 $61,900 $66,500 $71,100 $75,650


* This refers to the number of persons that reside in the applicant household

**AMI = Area Median Income

Contact: Judy Petersen, Executive Director, Central NE Economic Development Dist.

Phone: 402-340-0106; Email: judy.petersen@cnedd.org