Here’s to the class of 2020!

This certainly isn’t the finish to an academic chapter the senior class of 2020 had in mind. It’s most definitely not the close to a 12 year journey they deserve. We can probably all agree this class deserves everything the celebration of graduation is meant to include; the cake, family members coming into town, the graduation parties, the cards (and the money inside them), and of course that walk while donning cap and gown.

For many seniors of this class, all of that  will still happen. Graduations will happen, albeit delayed or postponed to another time. Family members and friends will deliver those cards stuffed with well wishes and congratulations. The crux is that the change in timing may cause some to miss those special events.

We aim to keep what we have control over the same for this amazing class of students in central Nebraska. Thanks to the sponsorship of area businesses, KCNI/KBBN is able to give these seniors the recognition they deserve right on time on our radio stations. The way they’re receiving those diplomas is different, but what it represents will never change: 12 years of dedication building towards their futures.

We’re so excited to bring each senior’s future plans to the airwaves on KCNI Pure Country and KBBN The Thunderbird, May 4th through the 22nd.

Remember, if you have family members outside our radio reach, they can listen to our stations anywhere in the world online at,, or on the free apps!

Congratulations to central Nebraska’s amazing class of 2020!