Heavy Rain Hits Jefferson County

THOMPSON – Around seven and a half to eight inches of rain hit Jefferson County Tuesday night.

The rain was pretty steady, but there were also spurts of heavy rain.

The towns of Thompson and Reynolds received the most rain in the area.

The water level of Rose Creek, just south of Thompson, rose significantly higher than usual. Resulting in the river bank and nearby farmland to flood.

A few of the rural roads in the area are not passable according to emergency management officials. Some of the roads will be clear in the next day or two, but some may take longer before the water subsides.

As of right now there are no reports of damage to any homes in the area.

Rivers are expected to crest at some point on Wednesday, but more rain may hit the area Wednesday evening.

According to Jefferson County Emergency Management, ground saturation is to the point that anything over two inches will result in more flooding.