Harvest Time Brings A Re-Occurring Issue To The City Council

BROKEN BOW— Truck traffic was the topic of discussion at the Broken Bow City Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 13. The agenda had listed on approving an Ordinance on not allowing thru truck traffic on the bricks around the square. While no decision was made, there was a lot of discussion on the best approach to handle the thru traffic. The problem that continuously arose was the speed in which the trucks were traveling down South 8th Ave and the danger they impose on the businesses and those in the City Square.

Truck traffic dramatically increases during harvest and to safely enter Highway 2 from any side street, a semi-driver must use an intersection with a stop light. The most direct route that also has lights is unfortunately next to the City Square. There was also discussion about creating another traffic light at 5th Ave., however this problem has been dealt with in the past where the state determined that it was not a need for a light to be placed there. Also, the cost to move an electrical pole to place traffic lights at that intersection of 5th Ave. and Highway 2, was in the area of $1.6 million.

Other issues brought up were changing the route in which trucks would travel, however some of the proposed route took trucks through more populated areas and also next to Broken Bow High School. The truck issue was postponed until more public hearings and studies could be conducted to determine the best option for the city and all involved.

Deb Kennedy from the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce talked to the board in looking for their approval to close the streets from Custer Federal State Bank to Prairie Eye Care for the Festival of Lights Parade on November 26. The Council approved unanimously the closure and also approved a conditional use permit for Costas to be able to begin re-renting the apartments at 415 South 9th Ave.

Board also approved two resolutions in a NMPP Board appointment and also paid JEO Consulting Group Inc. $3,206.50 for work completed on the Broken Bow Flood Risk Reduction.

The next Broken Bow City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 27 at noon.