Harvest Lunch Served During Monday Snowfall

Wet snow temporally halted the harvest near Ansley Monday.

- David Birnie

Beaver Bearing, KCNI/KBBN Radio, and Gary’s Super Foods provided noon meals for the harvest crew working at the Keith and Marilyn Hogg farm just east of Ansley on Monday, October 28th.  When the Beaver Bearing pickup pulled into the field, wet snow had temporarily halted the harvest.  It was a good time to catch a meal and decide if the crew could go after lunch or make a move to another field that was not receiving as much snowfall.

The 2019 growing season may be one of the toughest in recent history. The Hogg and Ostrand family agreed it has been an unusual year but noted they have been lucky compared to those who were unable to get a crop in this spring or had cornstalks blown to the ground this fall.  Neil Ostrand said they are halfway home on corn and yields have been pretty good all things considered.

A big thank you to Keith and Marilyn Hogg, Chris Hogg, Neil and Julie Ostrand, Kory and Danielle Ostrand and Seth Behrens for taking time to visit with us. Best of luck rest the way this harvest season.