Harvest is Winding Down Quickly in Central Nebraska

There is still some work to do to complete this year’s harvest in Central Nebraska. Farmers have been rolling combines when there is a weather window but there is still some grain in the fields. Jeff Kramer grows corn, soybeans, hay and cattle near Anselmo Nebraska.  We caught up with Jeff and crew on Friday November 2nd as they were picking corn north of Merna .  Kramer said yields have been good and without weather delays they should complete harvest in a week or so. Part of Kramer’s crop is contracted and will go to area elevators and the remainder will be stored and contracted later. Jeff is hoping for better prices when it comes time to empty the stored grain.

Mark Bates was on site to haul grain to town. Bates has been running his trucking service for 23 years and has seen a lot of changes in recent years.  Mark’s customers have more options where they can sell their crops than in years past which have dramatically changed his routes and destinations. Bates agreed with Jeff Kramer’s assessment of this year’s crop. He said he has seen soybean yields this year 7 to 10 bushel s per acre higher than average and corn as high as 20 to 30 bushels per acre over normal years.

Pete Kramer helped Jeff get started farming and still lends a hand during harvest.  Kramer said he enjoys working with a crew that is top help.

Lunch was served to the crew courtesy of Beaver Bearing, Schmick’s Market and KCNI/KBBN Radio.