Halloween Safety for Children and Adults

NEBRASKA CITY – With Halloween around the corner, kids are gearing up to don their costumes to make the rounds and collect a treasure trove of candy.

Nebraska City Police Chief David Lacy offered some helpful tips on keeping the children safe:

Lacy: “Costumes that have reflective material; If there’s a mask on them, make sure the eye holes are cut out big enough so that it allows them good peripheral vision.  Dress appropriately for the weather.”

Children, in the excitement, can dart out into the streets, and Lacy offered common-sense advice for drivers:

Lacy: “Be mindful of what’s going on, don’t be speeding; heaven forbid if you’ve had a few adult beverages, don’t be out driving around.”

The evening of Oct. 31 can be a safe and fun event for the community. Happy Halloween!