GOP Report: Russia Meddled in Pipeline Fights, ‘Funneled’ Money to Protesters

We have no Russian money

- Jane Kleeb, Founder of Bold Nebraska

Omaha, NE.—Russian’s meddling in the US didn’t end with the 2016 election it also spread to gas, oil and pipelines—including the Keystone XL pipeline—according to a new Congressional report examined by News Channel Nebraska.

The 21-page report which insists Russia was out to influence this country’s energy markets by “exploiting social media,” is the work of House Republicans on the Science, Space and Technology Committee.

The report says Russian-linked Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts targeted “protests against pipelines” specifically mentioning the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines.

The so-called “Majority Report” accuses Russian sponsored agents of funneling money to pro-environmental groups, “In an attempt to portray energy companies in a negative way and disrupt domestic energy markets.”

In an exclusive interview with News Channel Nebraska, Jane Kleeb the heart and soul of the anti-Keystone XL project says, “We have no Russian money.”

NCN: This report appears to make the case that opposition to energy companies (such as KXL owner TransCanada) was fueled by the Russians. Were the Russians in effect helping the anti-Keystone and other anti-pipeline groups?

Kleeb: “I would love to see their evidence. The Republicans have also written reports about Bold (Nebraska) filled with lots of misinformation. I can only speak for Bold—we have no Russian money. The NRA can’t say that…

Report Cites Two Examples of Russia’s KXL Meddling

The GOP report makes the case that the on-line monkey business was needed to protect Russia’s energy related bottom line: “An abundance of American supply in the global energy marketplace stands to reduce Russian market share and thus revenues generated from oil and gas activities.”

Among the reports energy related findings between 2015 and 2017:

  • 9,097 Russian posts or tweets
  • 4,334 Internet Russian Accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Four percent of all IRA tweets targeted environment or energy
  • Eight percent of all IRA tweets targeted US elections

“These revelations bolstered the Committee’s suspicions that Russia was actively engaged in a concerted effort to disrupt U.S. energy markets and influence domestic energy policy and was exploiting American social media platforms in an attempt to carry out this objective,” says the report.

“Russia is undermining America and we have a President who could care less,” Kleeb tells News Channel Nebraska. “Americans rightfully have stood up for their property rights and water by protesting risky pipelines. Just like in the 2016 elections, Russia is trying to demonize and divide Americans and President Trump is still making excuses for Putin.”

Last November the State of Nebraska OK’d the controversial $8 billion Keystone XL but also ruled the pipeline must be placed along the so-called “Mainline Alternative Route” (see map below) which was not the company’s first choice.

The ruling and the pipeline’s future are expected to be tied up in court for several years.

The full Congressional report is available here.

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