Gates Community Center Fundraiser Tomorrow (April 10)!

The old wood-frame building burned to the ground in March 1937 and, by fall, a new brick schoolhouse stood on the southeast corner of the Gates crossroads. Area residents acted quickly, in spite of initial disagreement. Contentious issues included building size and shape, construction materials, and whether indoor plumbing was extravagant.

Relatively modern architecture and stout brick construction were chosen, but outhouses were deemed good enough. This was during the Depression-era, money was tight, and people could afford to carry progressive ideas only so far.

The brick schoolhouse served the district’s students well for several decades, even better after restrooms and the gym were added. The facility serves well yet, as the Gates Community Center. Even during the recent time of COVID concern, the Center has seen use, however, it has been less frequent. For it to remain useful, the Gates Community Center Inc. is looking to replace roofing material on the brick schoolhouse.

According to a letter from the organization, the roof replacement will cost nearly $15,000 after damage was discovered that has led to leaks from recent storms. To help offset the cost, a fundraiser will be held on Saturday, April 10 at 6 PM at Gates. The price of admission for each household is at least one item (baked goods, craft items, gift certificates, or other suitable articles) for donation to a silent auction. It is also encouraged to bring finger food to share during the event.

Additionally, you can show off your skills by entering into the cornhole tournament. The entry fee is $10 per player. All proceeds from the tournament and the silent auction will go toward roof replacement expenses.

If you are unable to attend the fund-raiser, contributions can also be delivered by mail. Checks can be made payable to Gates Community Center, Inc. and sent to Treasurer Angela Burnett, 43790 Sargent Rd., Anselmo, NE 68813. Gates Community Center Inc. is a non-profit service organization and any donation is tax-deductible.