Fremont Residents Come Together When Returning Home

FREMONT, NE — Residents of flood-stricken south Fremont have been living in shelters or with friends and relatives for days.  They’ve been relying on food donated by Hy-Vee for meals.  Now, they’re back home starting the clean up process and asking a simple question: where do we start?

“So there’s a lot of unknowns with these people and a lot of stress that they’re going through,” Volunteer Fred Newill said.  “A lot of these people haven’t slept for days… there’s been a lot of worry.”

Fremont residents Fred Newill and Josh Miller are trying to help with the worry.  They used local connections to snag pumps and are traveling south Fremont volunteering to pump water out of basements.

Miller says the aftermath of the flood is overwhelming.

“Displacement of property… just floating in six-foot of water,” Miller said.  “The faces of people are just unbelievable.  (They’re) in awe, shock and sadness.”

Newill says it was an easy decision to borrow the pumps and offer help.

“They basically said, ‘come get what you need and start helping people.’  So that’s what we’re doing is driving around pumping out basements,” Newill said.

With help from Newill and Miller, some Fremont residents have dry basements and a place to start.