Free Trees! Simple Living Discussion Group Hosting Giveaway

UPDATE as of 1:40 p.m. on Thursday, April 16: Polly Blackburn called KCNI/KBBN on Thursday afternoon to inform us that she is OUT of trees! Thanks to all of those who called and participated in the giveaway. Happy Earth Day and stay tuned for more events from the Simple Living group.


BROKEN BOW–Even with snow in the forecast spring will be here soon! To celebrate spring and Earth Day on April 22, the Simple Living book discussion group is hosting its annual tree giveaway this week.

Thanks to a micro grant from Thrivent Financial, funds are acquired and used to purchase a variety of trees and shrubs which will be given away in Broken Bow on Friday, April 17.

Polly Blackburn said planting trees each year has been one of her longstanding traditions and now is a great time to plant trees for food and for habitat.

“Anybody who is planning on planting a tree whether you get a tree from me or not, I really recommend that everybody consider planting some form of edible tree in their yard. Any tree is better than no tree,” Blackburn continued. “I would suggest to use your good areas in your yard that has good sun and so forth to plant a tree that is going to benefit either your own food production or for habitat, like pollinators.”

Blackburn added that this year a variety of plum trees, apple trees, cherry trees, wildlife trees, and conservation trees are available.

Trees and shrubs will be delivered this Friday and are limited to people in Broken Bow or to a Broken Bow address. Call or text Polly at 253-326-3104 to get your tree or shrub!

Simple Living previously met once a month to discuss books on sustainable living, climate change, and other topics but due to the unknown future with COVID-19, Blackburn said she does not know when the book club will be able to meet again. She invites people to join and can contact you with more information.