Four Men Sentenced to Nebraska Department of Corrections in Separate Cases

CUSTER COUNTY—Multiple local residents have been sentenced to time at the Nebraska Department of Corrections (NDOC) following District Court on Thursday morning.

Broken Bow man Brian R. Middour, 39, was found guilty in May for charges of class IV felonies including unlawful intrusion and two cases of witness tampering for a December 2017 incident in which he allegedly hid a recording device inside of a bathroom.

Judge Karin Noakes said Middour was not an appropriate candidate for probation and sentenced him to 18 months at the NDOC for unlawful intrusion, and six months each for the two cases of witness tampering, plus post-release supervision. Middour will be given credit for 226 days already served in jail.

Randy Judd, 18, of Broken Bow, was terminated from Problem Solving Court in May and had been previously found guilty in three cases; a class IIA felony burglary of KO’s Bar in Ansley and two Class IV felonies of theft by taking of two separate vehicles. Judd was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $1,534 to KO’s bar in Ansley and $3,992.57 to Stryker Tractor Service in Eddyville.

The state, represented by County Attorney Steve Bowers and Deputy County Attorney Kayla Clark asked for incarceration due to his criminal history and failure to complete problem solving court. Judd’s attorney Mike Borders said Judd “needs some guidance” and requested concurrent sentences so that he might get out of jail while he’s still young.

Judge Noakes sentenced Judd to 18-36 months at NDOC for the burglary, one year each for the two cases of theft, and 60 days for criminal mischief. She ordered concurrent sentences, restitution, and 162 days credit for time served in jail.

Rickey G. McAlevy Jr., 30, of Broken Bow has been found guilty of first degree domestic assault—a class IIA felony. According to Clark, he allegedly tackled and tried to run over a victim in November 2017 and has a history of assault and strangulation. Attorney Mike Borders asked to follow the recommendations made by the state of four to six years imprisonment with 245 days credit. Judge Noakes sentenced McAlevy Jr. to four to six years at NDOC with credit for 245 days served.

Carl Royle, 65, of Kearney, was sentenced to three to five years at NDOC with credit for 162 days served and a 15-year license revocation for the class IIA felony driving under the influence, sixth offense. Royle apologized for the grief caused to the court system and Judge Noakes said due to Royle’s history of DUIs, he “puts the public at great risk” and was therefore not an appropriate candidate for probation.

Jill Janssen, 54, of Broken Bow appeared for sentencing for the class IV felony of theft from the Pump & Pantry in Broken Bow, in which she was found guilty. Judge Noakes ordered restitution in the amount of $1,890.86 and three years of probation.

Matthew McAlevy admitted to violating probation allegations and will appear for sentencing on August 23.

Matthew C. Thomas, 32, of Kearney, pled not guilty to possession of deadly weapon by a prohibited person (class III felony), terroristic threats (class IIIA felony), and child abuse (class I misdemeanor). A jury trial is set for October 22.

Steven K. Massey, 33, of Broken Bow appeared for arraignment. He pled not guilty to five counts: strangulation and terroristic threats (class IIIA felonies), use of deadly weapon to commit felony (class II felony), third degree domestic assault, and child abuse (class I misdemeanors). The state alleges Massey to be a habitual criminal and recommends 10 to 60 years in state corrections facility. A jury trial is set for October 22.