Four Bridges Will Soon Be Fixed In Custer County

BROKEN BOW— Four bridges in Custer County will soon be on the mend as bids were read to the public for materials and labor at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, September 11. The four bridges that will be repaired are located southwest of Berwyn, south of Berwyn, southeast of Anselmo, and northwest of Sargent.

There were four bids that were submitted from Midwest Service in Schuyler, Ace Irrigation in Kearney, Husker Engineering in Burwell, and Myers Construction in Broken Bow. There were two different bids for each company with separate pricing on steel head walls and steel construction vs. concrete head walls and concrete construction. After the bids were read, the committee then deferred the bids and pricing over to the Highway Committee for review.

Other topics discussed, was the possibility of changing wording in a statute to allow items that are being inventoried to be at a certain dollar amount. Currently, all items that the board inventories must be counted including staplers, paperclips, nuts, bolts, etc.

The board would like to change the statute allowing certain items to not be counted if they fall under a certain dollar amount. Amounts were discussed ranging from $100-$500, but the board wanted to make sure they were not breaking any laws, thus discussion would be continued until the next meeting.

The Department of Ag. gave their report on the weed program across Custer County and had mostly all positive comments about the job the county was doing to decrease the number of weeds. The biggest success mentioned was the cleanup done on a Custer County ranch to eradicate a high quantity of Musk Thistle.

One of the negative mentions was a big explosion of leafy spurge in certain parts of the county. Leafy spurge is a noxious weed that can only be killed by spraying for it and should never be mowed and bailed up.

Spurge usually spreads when it is accidentally mowed, bailed, and shipped around the county which is why a lot of spurge in found in county ditches. The cause of the explosion of weeds was blamed on the weather and was mentioned that it was something that farmers and ranchers need to keep an eye on to prevent the spread.

Finally, ten black chairs were approved of for purchase to be placed in the new Board of Supervisors room on the upper floor of the Custer County Courthouse. The total of the chairs will cost a little over $5,000 and will be purchased from Eakes Office Supplies.

The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 18 at 9 A.M.